10 AMAZING toys that make your baby smarter

We know your baby is the smartest, most beautiful babe on the planet, so we think you should know about these perfect toys.

This article is full of toys we think you and your kids will be crazy about. Just so you know, if you choose to buy something, FamilyShare may get a portion of the revenue (with no extra cost to you). Enjoy!

We know you have the world’s most perfect, beautiful, talented, smart baby. So, naturally, you want to give them a leg up in the world. Help them with development through these brain-boosting and fine motor skill-training toys.

1. Bendy Ball

“This toy is adorable. It was one of the first toys we got for my newborn son and he got a kick out of it. It’s easy for them to grab and helps with early dexterity, they enjoy rolling it around (and especially off the bed), and it’s cute without being obnoxious. The lack of flashing lights and loud noises is pleasantly refreshing in an age where it seems every toy has to be electronic, and in some way dictate how it’s played with instead of allowing natural observations and discovery.” – Bilbo Fredericks’ Amazon Review

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2. Building blocks

Made from smooth, painted wood, these building blocks help with hand-eye coordination.

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3. Rody

Physical activity is vital and healthy for your toddler, but you only have so much energy to chase them around; and TV is a very tempting solution when you just can’t even. Try out this adorable Rody. It’s a mix between a rocking horse and an exercise ball and it’s basically the cutest thing ever.

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4. Rattle and Roll Car

Cars are great for teaching the push and pull motion, and these beloved toys you can find on Amazon are easy to grip AND have rattles in the wheels. This customer review says it all:

“I bought one of these for my son when he was 4 months old. He loved the rattle sound and wheels. As he grew, he played with it and quickly became his favorite toy. When he began crawling, he pushed his car all over making car noises. We lost the car so I quickly jumped online and purchased another. He is now 16 months and he still loves the car.”

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5. Freddie the Firefly

With over 2,000 reviews and a full five stars on Amazon, Freddie the Firefly is extremely entertaining and great for auditory, teething and eye-tracking development.

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6. Picture books (especially this one)

I recently gave my sister this book for her baby, and it was the highlight gift at the baby shower. Picture books are fantastic for development, and this fun, nerdy book about science will probably teach you a thing or two as well.

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7. A book that will show you how very cool your baby is

This quirky book is summed up perfectly by this recommendation:

“With the marketplace urging parents to buy all manner of things to make their babies ‘smart,’ Gallagher’s book offers parents a view based in science on how much babies really know and figure out on their own. Parents will have fun with this book and gain new respect and awe for their babies’ amazing capabilities.”

-Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Ph.D., H. Rodney Sharp Professor, University of Delaware

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8. Crayons

It will be a few years before they can color in the lines, but allowing them to scribble away will help them start developing their coordination.

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9. Shape sorter

It’s hard to lose with a toy that teaches sorting, stacking, colors and identification skills. This is a no. 1 best seller on Amazon for a reason — your kids will love it.

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10. Grocery Store play

You’ve likely noticed that your baby loves to mimic you. Small world toys, like this adorable grocery set, allow them to explore their imagination and creativity as they create a mini world to mimic.

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